Education Start-up utilizing Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)

About Eduka

To actually learn the language
not just learn about the language

EDUKA always strive to create an environment, a platform for language learners to fully immerse, learn, improve their intercultural communication skills and share their journey with others, incorporating latest technologies to enhance their experience.


Design a distinct and exciting way to learn communicative English


Provide the first and unique expressionary system for the English language


Build awareness about intercultural communication in language learners

Ways of Expression

An ebook, designed for readers who are learning and using English in everyday life situations.

Expressa App

A dictionary-style application for expression in English designed to aid communication in everyday situations.

Cheerio - Coming Soon

ESL communicative learning mobile app

Our core values

Sensibility leads to appropriateness & appropriateness to success. But the true merit of any success comes from goodwill & goodwill from a good heart.

Prof. Nguyen Quang - EDUKA's academic mentor

Updates & Insights

Engagement and sharing knowledge are the cornerstones of our success. Follow us for latest news and resources.